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The Grounds

Guests of The Garden Shed are welcome to enjoy any and all of the grounds at Ward Manor.   Provided an event is not taking place on the grounds, these include Alexander’s Pond (the fish pond), the gazebo, the barn, and the extensive trails in the wooded areas.  If an event is taking place, please be respectful of the guests, let them have the space they have rented, and wait until the event is over before resuming use. 

Fishing poles are available at the Main House.  Please ask Michael or Matthew for use of them.  Bait is available at Rixey’s Market  1 ½ miles East on Hwy 58.  Swimming is not permitted in Alexander’s Pond, there are large rocks around the edge and several boulders in the pond.

Hunting is not permitted by any guests of Ward Manor.  No firearms may be discharged on the property as it disturbs the peace of and may be a danger to other guests of the Inn.  Violation of this rule, above all others, will not be tolerated!
A grill is available for use in the Corn Crib, located halfway down the front steps on the right hand side.  Please feel free to use the grill, but keep it in the space between the corn cribs.  When you’re finished, clean the grill, and again DO NOT leave food in the grilling area, it attracts animals.  Double check to make sure grill is off.  See Michael with any questions about operating the grill.

Smoking is permitted on the grounds, but not in the cabin.  You may smoke on the front or back porch of The Garden Shed.  Please be careful with ashes and cigarette butts to avoid fire and keep the grounds clean.  Discard butts in provided locations around the grounds.  Also, please be respectful of other guests.  Some don’t mind, some are bothered by it.  There’s plenty of room on the farm to smoke in peace!

Alcohol is permitted at Ward Manor by guests of legal drinking age.  Please do not leave empty containers about the grounds.  Put them in the trash can or recycling bins.  Beer and Wine may be purchased at Food City, The Quick Check, and Dwight’s in Independence.  Rixey’s Market does not sell alcohol.  Liquor may be purchased in Galax, VA or Sparta, NC.  There is no liquor store in Independence.   If you choose to drink, have a good time, but please be mindful of the peace of other guests as they are encouraged to be mindful of yours.  Raucous behavior will not be tolerated!

Use of illegal drugs is strictly forbidden in The Garden Shed or anywhere on the grounds.

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