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A Little History...

Ward Manor at Buck Mountain is comprised of 280 acres that remain of an original land grant of 660 acres deeded to Nathan Ward by the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1777.  Ward Manor has been held in the Ward family in a direct line for the past 230 years.  In the 1930s, the Ward farm came into possession of Rose Ward Jenkins.  Upon her death, the land was bequeathed to Michael D. Jenkins, current owner.

Ward Manor has been a working farm for the entirety of its existence.  Through feast or famine, war or peace, good times or bad, crops and livestock have been raised without interruption on the farm.  Every resource available had to be used, but also preserved and cared for in order to keep the farm in good shape for the next generation.  The beauty and preservation of the land around you is the fruit of nearly two and a half centuries of meticulous stewardship.

In 2001, Michael D. Jenkins inherited Ward Manor upon the death of his beloved Mother Glenda Jenkins.  Raised, always, to keep in mind the preservation of the farm; and faced with changing times, he decided the best way to keep the farm intact and productive (in addition to the ongoing agriculture) was to open the house and grounds to the public as a Bed and Breakfast.  After an extensive renovation, Ward Manor at Buck Mountain opened as an Inn in 2003.  In 2006, Matthew Greene joined Michael Jenkins in operating Ward Manor.  Since then, the 2 have hosted countless guests, and special events for people from as close as Independence, to as far away as Poland and Pakistan.

In 2012, renovation of “The Garden Shed” was begun in order to make it ready to open as a rental cabin independent of the Bed and Breakfast.  The original structure, constructed by Lyndon Sutherland, was completed in 2003, but was primarily used for storage, or as a place for the hosts to sleep when Ward Manor was full.  It was always referred to as “The Garden Shed” because it was where Michael kept his pots, seeds, and gardening accoutrements.  It was also where many of the plants in the flowerbeds on the grounds got their start.  In 2012, Clifton Marion Jones oversaw a complete renovation of “The Garden Shed” adding the wing that includes the bathroom and kitchen area and finishing out the floors, walls and windows.

“The Garden Shed” opened to the public in June, 2012.  We welcome you to Ward Manor. We hope you will enjoy your stay, and visit with us again in the future.   Provided in this manual, you will find information to help you while you are staying with us.  You will find important phone numbers, information about “The Garden Shed”, and tips about settling in, things to do, and maps to some local points of interest, also unfortunately—a few pesky rules.  Please take a few minutes to read through the manual, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Kindest regards and a sincere welcome,

Michael and Matthew

June, 2012

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