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Checking In and Checking Out

Check in time is at 3pm or after.  Please see Matthew Greene at Square One Custom Framing in Independence, VA or Michael or Matthew in the Main House to pick up your key and register.  Upon checking in, take a few minutes to walk around  The Garden Shed to familiarize yourself with the layout. 

Towels and sheets are provided in the linen pantry directly by the bathroom.  There will be plenty of fresh towels, washcloths and at least one extra change of sheets for each bed available to you in the pantry.  Please keep the towels, washcloths and sheets inside the cabin.  They are not intended for outside use.  Dishrags and towels are located in a drawer in the kitchen, and rags for outdoor use are located under the kitchen sink.  A quilt for use outside is available in one of the drawers under the Queen Size bed in the Master Bedroom.

Soaps and cleaning supplies are available in the cabin.  Hand soap is available in the bathroom and kitchen.  Dish soap is located by the kitchen sink, and cleaning supplies are located under the kitchen sink with the outdoor rags.   Paper towels are located on the kitchen counter, with an extra roll under the kitchen sink.  A box of trash bags is located under the kitchen sink as well.  Trash will be collected every other day, please DO NOT leave bags of trash or any food outside, as it attracts animals.

Dishes, silverware, cutlery, pots and pans are available in the kitchen.  All of these may be used in the cabin or out on the patio for grilling.  Please keep them around the cabin, though, if you take them out, please bring them back in again.  Upon checking out, please leave the cooking amenities cleaned and put away.

Check Out time is Noon on the day of your departure.  To ready the cabin for check out, please wash and put away all dishes, and pile all used towels, cloths and rags in the floor by the door.  Housekeeping will strip the beds, and clean the cabin.  At time of departure, please make sure all windows are closed and locked and leave your key(s) on the kitchen counter by the back door.   We hope you have enjoyed your stay and we look forward to seeing you again in the future!


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